Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lizard king

Lizard DOESN'T part at all!!!!!!!

Another Schoolpture

My homie chris and i collaborated on our final piece for school, I will post better pics soon

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Im back in the mix daily!!!!!

im finally back in the mix, sorry i've been ridiculously busy with school and trying to start a foundry in the tiny garage too. Im all finished now so I will be back to updating the blog daily!!!! i got tons of rad content stored up so keep checkin in...mahalooo SFK MANAGMENT

SFK Foundry

I finally pieced together enough stuff to start casting in the lill garage..2 different styles; green sand casting and centrifugal casting..

the oven...she gets ridiculously hot..

the pack the green sand in

the greensand

the centrifugal casting machine

the first greensand casting, look below on lizards scoot to see the points cover too

Plumbs Progress

Points cover

Got some solid round brass rod and turned these footpegs

Finally got around to the oil tank..i going to put some ribs on the sides

Found a dope headlight and i put a pull chain switch on it

started workin on the sissy bar.. not all the way mounted yet though